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  • A section of Youths demand Worldcoin operation restored.
  • Worldcoin owners remain committed in providing an inclusive privacy.

The Kenyan government is now facing a dilemma over Worldcoin suspension as youth show displeasure.

The same government through ICT Ministry registered and okayed its operations.

Sections of the youth demand the government allow Worldcoin to resume its operations. They admit the Kshs. 7000 stipends were helpful to them.

Those who were involved in money transfer from Worldcoin tokens to Kenya shillings claim the suspension has rendered them jobless.

“Gava imeshindwqa kutulisha kuna mtu amekam anatupea thao saba bado wanafunga wenye wanatuokolea  hizi ndio gani,wawache hao wasee wafanye bizz yao ni  sisi wanatumia macho yetu tuko njaa bana tukishakina mayut kadhaa tupate hiyo thao saba kila mmoja tunaezafanya kitu bigii mtaani.” One of the youth youth said.

“Nataka warudii coz hakuna kitu ineandela hii elfu saba ilikua poa mimi nilikua nategemea hizo pesa za transfer na nilikua naingiza doo poa daily.” Emma Wanagari said.        

Worldcoin Operation                                           

Worldcoin leadership say they remains committed to the course. They will provide an inclusive privacy preserving decentralized road ramp to the global digital economy and look forward to resuming its services in the country.

“The Worldcoin Foundation firmly believes in the power of decentralization to drive economic growth and financial inclusion. As part of our efforts to democratize access to cryptocurrencies, Kenyans can now reserve their Genesis tokens on the Worldcoin App to be claimed at a future point in time when verification have resumed,” the statement further reads.

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It said that the platform’s main achievement was to ensure that people participate in the digital economy and be part of a global community of users who embrace the future of finance.

The company said it was willing to ensure it adheres to all relevant regulations set forth by the Kenyan authorities and ensure that everything works well and in accordance with the law.

“Worldcoin has a strong base in Kenya and has fostered great relationships with the regulatory bodies in Kenya, SafariDAO, the Blockchain Association of Kenya and Nairobi City County,” the statement further reads.

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