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Almasi hits back at haters who called him gay a few days back

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By Annette Amondi

Actor Ian Nene popularly known as Almasi has penned a touching message to haters who called him gay after he stepped dressed in a long ‘skirt’.

The former Machachari actor has said no one knows him well enough or has enough details of his life to give them the right to pass judgment on him.

Almasi took to social media to express how people are using him to massage their egos.

“people will always look for something to say to fill up their False Ego. It’s interesting to see that a majority of people have no clue what I do and who I am, yet they think they have the right to judge and critique my actions.
For anyone dealing with anything similar… Just remain focused. The Truth will be out in the end” he wrote

The former Machachari rich kid was under attack when fans spotted numerous photos of him wearing what was termed as female clothing. A lot of critics branded him as gay with other people insisting he was mentally unstable.


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