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  • Alpha Mwana Mtule has denied ever taking poison after his recent rumored death.
  • He believes he was poisoned during a visit at a fan’s residence.
  • He has exonerated Jaguar over the widespread rumors concerning his death.

Alpha Mwana Mtule has denied allegations of taking poison to end his life.

Speaking during a recent online engagement, Mwana Mtule revealed that he was poisoned during a day out at a fan’s residence.

Mwana Mtule was further saddened with the unfortunate news that he had ended his own life.

The gospel star also exonerated politician and singer Jaguar for sharing the untrue information.

He maintained that that was due to a miscommunication while relaying his health concerns with Jaguar’s producer, Philip Makanda.

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A fortnight ago, Jaguar came under fierce criticism for spreading Mwana Mtule’s unconfirmed death.

“Nilishtuka sana nimeandikiwa nimejiua juu mi niliambia tu producer wa Jaguar(Philip Makanda) ‘we niaje siskii poa ni kama nimekunywa harpic juu si ati nilikuwa nimekunywa natoa harufu ya harpic so information venye ye alipeleka kwa Jaguar ye alimwambia ni kama mimi ndio nimekunywa harpic haikuwa hivyo bro mi siwezi nikachukua harpic nikakunywa bro” he stated.

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Mwana Mtule further affirmed that he had gone through a lot to ever think of committing suicide.

He noted that despite his career not yet fully blown he would never want to harm himself let alone taking his own life.

“Wasee wanadhani huku nje nimejiua bro mimi siwezi nikajaribu kujiua, siwezi jaribu kujiua na sitawahi jaribu manze” he continued partly.

The news of Alpha’s death spread like wildfire more so regarding the suicide bit.

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Fans had thronged social media with bereavement messages for the death that never was.

Others had resorted to playing his music in remembrance of his time on earth.

The singer is known for songs like Kieleweke,Tunapendana and Mtu Mbaya among others.


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