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  • Alpha Mwana Mtule and wife engage in fist fight.
  • The Tunapendana singer recently admitted to clobbering his wife following her incessant nagging.
  • Alpha spent barely a month at the Kenyatta National Hospital for an alleged poisoning that never was.

A new video is currently circulating on social media showing gospel star, Alpha Mwana Mtule and his wife engaging in a fist fight.

In the video, loud screams are heard coming from the couples house with Alpha’s wife complaining of battery.

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Alpha is also captured going after his better half with neighbors restraining him from further confrontation.

A neighbor is also heard asking the couple why they are always in a fighting mode.

“Kwani nyinyi mnapiganianga nini?” asks a neighbor partly.

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Poisoning That Never Was

Alpha Mwana Mtule spent barely a month at the Kenyatta National Hospital for an alleged poisoning that never was.

At first, the mellow-voiced singer alleged that he was poisoned while at a friend’s house.

He then sought help from friends in the creative industry to assist him in clearing his medical bills.

The bills had shot to almost a million shillings which saw him being detained at the facility before he could clear.

It took the intervention of comedian, Eric Omondi through his “Sisi Kwa Sisi” initiative which saw funds being pooled leading to his discharge.

In a twist of events, just before he was discharged from hospital, his wife-a mother of five had refuted claims of Alpha being poisoned noting that he took the poison himself.

Alpha would later admit that he wasn’t poisoned with his condition being fueled by his wife’s toxic nature.

The singer also admitted clobbering her for incessant nagging over cheating allegations.

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Recently, former starehe legislator and singer Jaguar affirmed that he won’t be aiding broke artists regain their footing.

An enraged Jaguar noted that he received a message from Alpha’s wife seeking money to help her move away from Alpha’s space.

However, when Jaguar sent the money she stayed put maintaining that they had resolved to live peacefully.

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