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Alvindo finally honors KFCB summon, apologizes for Takataka

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On Thursday Takataka Hit-maker Alvindo and his lawyer Munga Wanjau finally honored Kenya Film and Classification Board’s summon letter.

KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua and Alvindo’s management reached a mutual agreement following the meeting.

Alvindo agreed to pull down the song from YouTube and also issued an apology to his fans.

The controversial singer says he did not intend to incite jilted men against women.

“I want to apologize to my fans and to promise them a second release that will embrace moral values… I am sorry I didn’t intend to incite jilted men against women. As a law abiding citizen,today nili appear before with my lawyer allocated to me by my boss and whatever wameniambia ntatilia maanani cos am an obedient man…my next song will definitely be better than takataka and it will inspire & motivate Kenyans in many ways..asante sana Kwa kunielekeza kwa njia njema…and thank you all” wrote Alvindo

KFCB also vowed not to press charges on the young singer if he adheres to the agreed terms.

“The Board and through his lawyer, resolved to settle the matter out of court on condition of the following: 1. That the ban on the offensive song still stands.”

“That the artist submits the song and any other audio visual work of art that he may have produced to the Board for examination and classification.

“That Alvin will pull down the video from YouTube and any other social media platform where he has uploaded it or risk getting arrested and charged for breaking the law.” “That any public entertainment joint that plays the song or media house that broadcasts it will be in breach of the law and will be held liable in accordance with the law.” KFCB wrote in a series of tweets.


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