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Alvindo’s management to drop ‘Takataka’ music video despite ban by KFCB


Singer Alvindo’s ‘Takataka’ music video will be released despite being banned by Kenya Film Classification Board earlier this week.

According to Alvindo’s manager, Eric The manager, he video was set to be released next week when they received the news from KFCB but he maintains they will still release it because of the resources that went into it.

“The video is ready and we could be releasing it next week.

We spent a lot of money on it. We invested over Ksh 1 M for the video so it does not make sense cancelling it. Mutua banned the audio all because he misunderstood it.” he said

Eric also says he would like to meet the KFCB boss so as to outline the issues regarding the song.

The manager however says the video will be released regardless of whether the meeting happens or not.

“I am looking for Mutua.I want us to sit down and talk about the ban and what we can do in future. The video will be released whether the meeting happens or not. But as Alvindo´s manager, I would really want to meet him before the release.” he added

Earlier Fast Cash Production C.E.O, KRG the don condemned the decision by KFCB to ban the song terming it a big mistake and a joke.

“This is the best joke I have seen today. Where were you when Alvindo was doing manual jobs at Burma Market? Since you wanna spoil his career do you have an idea of what he should be doing to pay his bills?”KRG posted on his Instagram page. “This is a big letdown to the industry at large for giving such big positions to negative-minded people who do nothing to make our industry better than yesterday’s,” he said.

The song which boasts of over 1 million views, is yet to be pulled down from Youtube.