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He has a unique voice and an unmatched skill when it comes to djing, You might have probably come across his video’s on social media working up revelers during shows, he’s none other than Ian Moseti commonly known as MC Breezy.

A super Dj cum super Mc all rolled into one, MC Breezy kills the music monotony by injecting performances in his sets by performing popular hit songs using instrumentals thanks to his great mastery of music which is his unique selling point.

“Ningependa kuambia mafans na kila mtu, MC Breezy nakam na ubaya, nataka tulete vibe yenye haikua kwa club events na any place, Mc’z hawakuwa wanakubalika but nataka kufanya wasee wapende MC na pia mshahara yetu iongezwe kama Djs,for me I multi-task so it’s my advantage “Stated MC Breezy during the interview with Ghetto Radio News Team.

Influenced By Cousin Into Djing.

The Kitale bred music connoisseur, was first introduced into the world of djing by his cousin who was a Dj. This was made possible after relocating to the capital Nairobi for his studies after landing a scholarship due to his love for rugby.

“I grew up pale Kitale town, home inaitwa Lessos, I was in Kitale School, High school I attended at Moi High school, I used to be a rugby player then shifted to Friends Bwake Boys. Because of Rugby then nikapewa scholarship Laiser Hill Academy so hapo ndio nilikam Nairobi nikapata chance ya kuwa Dj kwanza because my cousin was a Dj so he was inspiring me alot “Explained Breezy

It was while watching his cousin play music that he developed the urge to try out mceeing.Despite starting out on the low, Breezy trudged on while also keeping a keen eye on seasoned mc’s like MC Fullstop and Jose.His number one mentor remains Mido.

Some of the challenges he’s gone through include his payments not being honored after shows to being taken for granted by some veteran Dj’s who see him as a rookie.

Breezy’s road to success is clearly taking shape as he’s able to land gigs and put food on the table.His social media platforms are always fun filled with his shows. Follow him on Instagram mc_breezyofficial, tiktokmc_breezyofficial and Facebook mcbreezythedj.

By Steve Osaka.


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