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Am Driven By Passion For Music Not Money, Deejay Charlie Ranks

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When you follow your heart, the money will definately follow you is the message that Capitol Lounge resident disc jockey Charles Mbugua Mutinda commonly known as Deejay Charlie Ranks holds on to.

Ghetto radio news team had a chat with him before his evening assignment where he shared his journey in the world of deejaying.

“Ukifanya kitu unapenda kwa roho moja bila kuweka pesa mbele chapaa hukufuata baadaye juu uzuri wako huonekana peupe kupitia kazi yako,” Said Charlie Ranks.

Deejaying Journey

The budding entertainer revealed that he fell in love with music while still in school and has never looked back.

He was the school’s hype man and enjoyed energizing his fellow students.

“Kwanza nilikuwa napenda hii career ya music kutoka kitambo nikiwa shule, so nikiwa shule nilikuwa tu zile  zangu na hype wasee nini so that’s how I started” explained Charlie Ranks.

Not Deterred By Challenges

Though the deejaying field has a myriad of challenges moreso with the emergence of the corona pandemic, Charlie revealed that he’s in to stay no matter what.

He’s grown over not being able to get gigs to not being paid in his quest for glory. “challenges ni mob, kupata gig ni noma alafu saa zingine unaenda unacheza gig unaambiwa ‘ooh hakukuwa na job unapata hadi mshahara haupewi nini, so venye hii story ya corona ilikam deejaying imeenda chini kidogo but tunang’ang’ana tu mahali tutafika” revealed Charlie.


Future Aspirations

He looks forward to conquering the world through deejaying tours and playing at major shows in the nearby future.

“Miaka zinakam naona nikama nitakuwa nacheza international, nitakuwa nacheza nje show kubwa kubwa hiyo ndio tarajio,” He said.

He went ahead and encouraged those willing to be part of the deejaying field to keep their heads up and never look back.

Mi naeza tu mwambia kama hiyo kitu ndio ako nayo atilie asikufe moyo juu lazima uanzie mahali ndio ufike” he added.

He’s grateful to his mentors Dj Bonchez, Dj Mullaz and Ijaahman Dido for shaping his career as not only a deejay but also a reputable entertainer.


By Steve Osaka


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