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Am Not A Thief, Magix Enga Clears The Air On Conning Artists

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Popular producer and artist Njenga Chege commonly referred to as Magix Enga has downplayed allegations of conning artist’s in the pretext of producing their music.

The Beat maker cum mellow voiced singer cleared the air during an online interview with Eve Mungai in the wake of complains from several artist’s.

Magix Enga narrated that his woes started when he fell out with his management team leading to only them carting away his studio equipment but also blocking him from his Facebook page which was being used for marketing and business purposes.

Nilikam studio the next day nikapata management ilienda na ikaenda na projects za wasanii, ikaenda na vitu zingine mingi sana walichukua vitu zote za job… Nikatolewa kama admin kwa page yangu ya Facebook which saa hii iko na 200k followers na bado inarun ata saa hii ukiingia apo utapata wanabook sessions kazi inaendelea kama kawaida.. They have numbers zenye wanatumia kuambia wasanii wabook sessions, wasign, tutakutumia hadi driver,”explained Enga.

Driven To Suicide By Depression

The turn and twists on his life saw him getting to a near death after he revealed on social media of a plot to end his own life.

“I got into depression niliandika kwa social media nataka kujimada,” stated Enga.

He added that the ‘don’t care mentality’ of Kenyans on social media made him backtrack his statement when in real sense he was going through a hard time.


“Lakini sasa in  behind the scene nikaona hakuna haja manze niambie hawa wasee like what am going through juu Kenyans they really don’t care so nikawaambia nilikuwa mlevi but ilikuwa ni real – Kenya kila kitu inakuwanga unachase clout,” Said Enga.

Bouncing Back

He made it known that he’s back to proclaim his spot in the musical world and revealed teaming up with rapper and producer Maddtrax of the Kansoul, they have already done a gospel song together though he denied crossing over to gospel music.

“Sijakuwa nikirecord wasanii, nimekuwa nikirecord nyimbo zangu pole pole na nimekuwa niki communicate na you know Maddtrax so we’re trying to work together,” he added.

He further refuted claims of being ego centric laying blame on social media users.

On his Facebook page being misused he has left the matter in the hands of law enforcers. Talk of life battles.


By Steve Osaka.


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