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Am Taking Over The Rap World, JuBlak


Fast rising Kenyan rapper and thespian Barrett Athoo commonly known as JuBlak is geared towards taking over the Kenyan rap scene.

During an exclusive interview with Ghetto Radio News Team, JuBlak who’s just dropped his latest track ‘Happy Hour’ was upbeat of making it big in the new year.

“Hii mwaka nakam na ubaya tayari nimewekelea kazi mbichi   ‘Happy Hour’, nimeflow vi ajab tayari iko apo YouTube wadhii wanaweza icheki,” Said JuBlak.

Polished Actor /Creative Designer

The 29 year old is an alumni of Kenyatta University with a degree in Community Resource Management and Extension. An accomplished actor JuBlak has featured on several popular local drama TV productions such as Tahidi High, Mjinga na Mshenzi, Mshamba and Maria among others.

A number of JuBlak’s tracks have also been used as film scores such as the Netflix Kenyan movie ’40 sticks’.

He boasts of a wide variety of rap styles from urban Benga flow, Hip hop to fusion. He churns out music fusing his native Luo language, the urban  lingua ‘Sheng’ and English.

JuBlak has since collaborated with notable names like Holy Dave, Oksyde ‘Chief Rocker’, Zakah (Wenyeji), Djungle, Wakadinali and Stitch Blaze a rapper cum actor among others.

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The multi-talented star rose to the limelight in 2015 with the hit ‘Miss Nairobi’ when he fell hundreds of rappers to win the LG Rap Battle thanks to his killer freestyle rap skills, at the time JuBlak was pursuing his education at Kenyatta University.

With over six years in the entertainment industry, he has featured in various concerts and shows such as Industry Night and Mambo Mseto East Africa.

He is keen on sharing his enthusiasm for music, film, dance and theater with two mixtapes under his belt and an EP he is currently working on his fourth album with an aim of promoting a healthy lifestyle, keeping the African sound alive and overall edutainment.

He’s also the brains behind BLAKBOYFLYGANG, a talent consulting company that works with artist’s fusing different arts and talents encompassing music, visual, dance and theater.

His main challenge is lack of a management team in competing with established acts.He’s known for songs like Sofa set dreams, Ndalo Moko and Fresh among many others. Find him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube as JuBlak.

By Steve Osaka