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Am The Definition Of ‘Rock Bottom’ Says Mitumba Seller Mayau Dreamchaser

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“Huu upuzi ndio kazi najigamba na kipaji maskini jeuri napiga muhuri” are lines sang by Sharama in the song ‘Kichwa Kibov’ with Cannibal nearly fifteen years ago laying emphasis on talent which is mostly despised .

This lines can be used to define Steve Sunday popularly known as Mayau Dreamchaser ‘Mitumba Seller’ the current internet sensation for his outstanding marketing prowess and his humble background.

Mayau whose videos have set the internet ablaze with his rib cracking selling point, revealed through an online interview with Presenter Ali that even his own family saw him as not only a failure but also a madman when he started donning women attire while wooing customers.

 “Familia yangu complicated kidogo unajua watu wakikuona hivyo wengine wengine wanaona kama wewe ni failure, wewe hakuna kitu juu wale sasa wanapewa sauti zaidi ni wale wanafanya kazi vizuri lakini wewe ukiuza mitumba na unavaa tu hivi watu wanaona ni kama Kichwa pia iliruka kidogo.. Lakini mi si chizi”Explained Mayau.


Lands Deal With Leading Fashion House

It’s said that, what  belongs to you will definitely find you no matter the distance.

With Mayau becoming an instant internet star, leading fashion company Devine Collection based in Nairobi booked a flight for Mayau from his base in Kisumu to Nairobi and offered him a deal something that the man of the moment is yet to believe.


“Nahisi nikama niko katikati ya mbingu na ardhi bado sasa mimi nimekuwa kisumu, nimekuwa mtandaoni kidogo nikapigiwa simu sasa nikapata simu jana na Devine Collection apa tulipo kwa saa hii wakalipia mimi flight wakaambia mimi nikuje tufanye kazi, sasa mimi nikafurahia sana, ” Stated Mayau.

Showed Gratitude For The Support

The new celebrity in town thanked all the people who have supported him by sharing his video’s from his sister show shot the first clip and other notable personalities namely Vera Sidika, Jalang’o,Media personality and Comedian Obinna among others.

He refuted the notion of being labeled ‘Gay’ for his feminine clothings while in the line of duty.

“Nikivaa hivi  wateja wakuje hao wateja ndio naangalia hio kitu watu wanaongea nyuma yangu ‘I don’t give a mmmm about it’ He added. Truly if you believe in something, do it whole heartedly.


By Steve Osaka


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