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  • Jaguar trashes the recently released ‘Forbes Musician’s rich list’ showing him trailing behind singer, Akothee
  • Drops the video to his new song, Unthinkable with Tanzania’s Lavalava
  • Leads friends in supporting Mustafa and his mother

Singer turned politician, Charles Njagua Kanyi popularly known as Jaguar has trashed the recently released ‘Forbes East African Musician’s Rich List’ which placed him at seventh position regionally and second behind Singer, Akothee nationally.

The Kigeugeu hit maker maintained that he has been in the music industry for more than 15 years and made considerable wealth way before artists like Akothee and Harmonize adding that placing him below Akothee and comparing him with Harmonize was not only an insult but also a big joke.

“Ukiangalia hiyo list,mimi nimekuwa hii industry for more than 15 years na unaona Harmonize ako number what lakini mi naeza swear hapa before nyinyi mtu kama Akothee amenishinda na Harmonize naeza nikaacha mziki leo,” said Jaguar.

According to Jaguar, his rate card as an entertainer even before he became an Mp was higher than an MP’s earnings.

He would not charge anything less than half a million shillings with 5  bookings on a weekly basis  and invested heavily.

“Ka nilikuwa namake one concert nalipwa 500 na kila wiki naeza pata kama tano, that tells you kila wiki nilikuwa namake more than 2.5 so vile nilikuwa naweza kuinvest mimi maisha yangu niliweza kujipanga,” explained Jaguar.

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Newest Song ‘Unthinkable’

Jaguar made the statement before a battery of journalists at his own record label, Main switch where he took the chance to introduce his new music, Unthinkable featuring Tanzanian sensation, Lavalava.

Jaguar revealed that he wrote the song seven years ago and kept it under wraps due to his hectic parliamentary duties.

Lavalava only jammed on the song when he happened to be in the country not long ago.

Song’s Storyline

It’s a love song set on a high tempo beat with Jaguar maintaining his style in earlier release’s like unaniwasha and kioo just to mention but a few.

“Kama ungekuwa kidonda moyoni mwangu ninge jiacha na maumivu sikupendi juu ya maumbile,ni vile wafanya nisikie na kabla jua litue nataka ujue we ndiye asali wa moyo wangu” Sings Jaguar partly.

Lavalava’s mellow voice adds touch to Jaguar’s lines complementing the whole delivery.

“Wajua wewe ndio malaika wangu sitaki maadui wakuone natembea nawe mpaka mwisho vijino pembe wasononeeeeh” Sings Lavalava partly

Eye-catching scenes

From a chopper, the dance choreography to the high end cars tells a lot of the budget involved.

With less than 24 hrs from its premier, the video has already amassed more than 50k views on YouTube and still counting.

Leads Friends In Supporting Mustafa

Jaguar further disclosed that they had collected more than 1 million shillings towards Mustafa’s  mother medication and they would soon present the money to her.

Flanked by Mustafa, Jaguar further revealed of plans to kickstart Mustafa’s career with support from Main switch studio’s.

A sad Mustafa also narrated how he had disguised himself with hoodies and face masks, hiding his tattoos while working at the construction sites.

By Steve Osaka.

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