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Amani opens up about turning down secular shows because of Salvation


Secular artiste turned gospel artiste Amani has opened up about she has had to turn down secular gigs since she got saved.

The singer who was once the highlight of the Kenyan entertainment scene says she does not regrert turning over a new leaf despite the fact that it affected her career.

“Getting saved was a personal decision. My personal decision affected my career. If I was a nurse or an engineer my personal decision to get saved would not affect my music.    Getting saved was something I had postponed for sometime. I have no regrets.” She said

Amani added that she still gets calls from promoters asking her to perform her old songs.

“I get promoters asking me to perform secular songs. This is despite the fact that I am now a gospel artiste but I turn them down because I have to be firm in my decision.    I turned down shows after getting saved. Funny enough, I do not regret not performing my old songs. I have no regrets because I now I understand why I had to go through that.” She added

Amani got save almost two years ago but only opened about it much later.

The singer has gone on to release her first gospel songs since the transition.