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Amapiano Is Killing Our Local Sound, Says AY


Veteran Tanzanian hip hop Star Ambwene Yesaya popularly referred to as AY has hit out at local Star’s rushing with the wave to produce the Amapiano sound over the local sound as it contributes to the death of bongo flava.

 During an interview on Wasafi T.V ‘Big Sunday’ AY noted a worrying trend by artist’s in embracing a foreign sound.He  first gave an example of someone who was rushing to help his neighbour in putting up a studio at the expense of his unfinished one.

“Ngoja niwapeeni mfano mmoja mwaweza mkasikia mnavyojenga hii studio apa kuna nyumba ya pili wanajenga studio kama hii, kuna nyumba ya tatu wanajenga studio kama hii alafu wewe wakati unafika hapa kabla hujafika sehemu ya kupaua unaanza kumsaidia jirani yako kabla wewe hujamaliza yeye hana ata time ya Kuja hapa sijui ka unanielewa”posed AY. The ‘Habari Ndio Hiyo’ rapper wondered why local Star’s were quick in not only aping but promoting foreign styles like Naija, Kwaito(Amapiano) and Congolese music whereas the outsiders were protecting their territories from invasion. “kwenye music watu wanaprotect territories zao siku nikiona Wizkid anaimba Amapiano mimi nitakagalagala apa” Said AY.

Examples Of Artist’s Promoting Amapiano

With the emergence of the Amapiano sound which has taken the industry by storm, artist’s such as Harmonize did Sandakalawe, Diamond Platinumz featured Focalistic, Mapara A Jazz & Ntoshi gazi on Iyo and Singer Marioo did Amina which are heavily infused by the Amapiano sound.Though he did not mention names AY seemed to be throwing a swipe at them amongst other Star’s who have embraced the new sound, In Kenya a good example is comedian Jalang’o’s song with Iddi Singer ‘Sherehe’.

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Be Proud Of Who You Are,Be Original

AY reminded all and sundry to be proud of their origins and push for what’s their’s.He maintained that when you imitate someone you can’t surpass him in his field. “kwa hiyo unarap kama Jay Z lakini huwezi kuwa Jay Z kwa hiyo wewe unaweza kuwa unatengeneza Amapiano huwezi kumzidi msauzi(South African) kwa sababu yeye ndiye mwenye mziki wake ule” He added.Indeed the legend has a point, do you agree with his sentiments, share your thoughts.


By Steve Osaka