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Amber Ray Opens Up on Her Abusive Marriage

Socialite Amber Ray has for the first time  disclose  being in a toxic relationship with her baby daddy.

Amber Ray says that the two loved each other but all that changed when she gave birth to her baby boy and the baby daddy got employed.

She went ahead and said that she was beaten by the baby daddy but managed to run away and went  back to her parent house.

“We were both hustlers and after I got the baby, he got a good a serious job and he started cheating. There is a time his phone was ringing and the person was saved as ‘dot’. calling’ . We used to stay was a simple plot, a single room and the owner used to live there. I walked to my parents place with a towel and barefooted, bleeding and had a black eye for two weeks. I could not go to work. I lied that I was beaten by thugs and that is why i got fired,” Amber Ray said.

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The mother of one also recalled how he poured cold water on her and the baby after not opening the door for him.

“He used to lock the door and could not give anyone key. He was outside and he came at midnight and called me to open the gate for him, the landlord refused to open the gate. I told him the landlord had refused to open and so he went back to wherever he went. When he came back at 6 am, I was in bed with my baby, my son was like 8 months, he fetched cold water and poured it on the bed where we were sleeping,” says Amber Ray.

“We were neighbors and we fell in love and got a baby together. We were living together like ‘Beyonce and Jay Z’. Our love was match made in heaven. He was handsome and I am beautiful. We used to walk holding hands.” She says.

By Emmaline Owuor