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Amber Ray says she is not ready to have a child with Jimal

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Socialite Amber Ray has said that she is not ready to have a child with Jimal Rohosafi right now.

During a question and answer tag in her YouTube channel, the socialite said that she has phobia of having a second child.

The mother of one said she passed through a lot raising her first son and doesn’t want to go through the process again.

“People have been bugging me about having a baby girl but it’s God’s timing, For me it’s kinda like I have phobia ya kukuwa na mtotot sahi, Imagine having a 10 year old, hiyo stress yote and going through it again but kiingia nisawa. Wacha tu atakam,” she said.


She revealed that she had to wake up early and sell milk when she was pregnant to sustain herself and her unborn child.

When asked if she regrets being a second wife and if she enjoys the drama, she said that drama follows her and does nott regret being a second wife.

“For those people who follow me on Instagram, is not like I love drama it’s the other way round, drama loves me. Everything I do becomes drama, being a second wife in this marriage; I don’t regret being a second wife because it is someone that I love and the heart wants what it wants.

About the drama, I feel sometimes it’s too much because I feel like you don’t have to bring everything you do on social media like what you are going through on your real life,” saber.

The socialite says that social media has not friend because someone can be your friend today and the next day they will be your enemy.

Amber Ray did not answer the question on why she removed Jimal’s name on her instagram biography.



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