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  • Amber Ray has reacted to netizens after they criticized her new hairstyle.
  • The socialite’s new hairdo consists of artificial dreadlocks with the front part having a fringe.
  • The fringe part of the artificial locs was what many took issue with.

Amber Ray tells off ‘broke’ Kenyans for criticizing her new hairstyle. The socialite has reacted sharply to netizens who criticized her new hairstyle.

The mother of two flaunted the artificial dreadlocks she had installed, in a video at the salon showing the step-by-step process. However, netizens  were not impressed with her new hair saying it was poorly installed, instead urging her to stick to her wigs.

The fringe part of the artificial locs was what many took issue with.Amber took to her Instagram stories to tell off her critics.

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She stalked pages of those who spoke ill of her dreadlocks, calling them Hair police Ig, and even shared some pictures of the Kenyans who criticized her, laughing at their hairstyles.

“Surely can you compare that with this? Aje! I love my hair Thank you for giving me exactly what I wanted” she tagged the salon.”So I’ve seen some of you talk shi** about my new hairstyle. Like I even care. I will do and live my life vile nataka …I mean why worry about my head when you have yours” she bashed netizens

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She also added that Kenyans have other issues they should be concerned about, “alafu nikiwaambia ni njaa inawasumbua mnakasirika …you all focusing on the wrong enemy ..our enemy is poverty that’s what we should be fighting!Lakini mtu anaamka akifikiria how they will come to my page and throw shade, thinking you will bring me down sweetie, only sticks and stones, …your hate towards me has always have been my motivation”

Read some of the reactions sown below

Wanjiru Benson The hair style is giving kienyeji promax vybes,,hio style ni ya back 2002.

E_Unique Si utoe hio frontal…if u have a forehead si ni yako..that look,just isn’t bringing.U r already beautiful why complicate stuff

Thickyyy 😂😂😂😂Hata Mungu ameona hiii akacheka tu

Maka Africa My gaaaad !!! How do you mix locs and human hair 😂😂

Amish 49 sure indeed looks wiered well if the frinj was also like loks ingekaa poa. Nikama kushuka braids nyuma na human mbele.
Watu hawa hate but it’s just really off

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