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Amend Proposals On Ombudsman Office Before Passing BBI, Lawyers Tell Uhuru, Raila

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Constitutional and human rights lawyers are now demanding quick amendment in the ombudsman’s office in the Building Bridges Initiative Report  before the referendum question is tabled.

Human Rights  lawyer Shadrack Wambui says that  when the office of the Ombudsman becomes an appointee of the President in the Judiciary then it will take Kenya back to the dark days when the executive called shots at the Judiciary and interfering with justice.

“It is something that we cannot allow, they should review it immediately… Our founding fathers used to dictate the Judiciary because of lack of independence of the judiciary and when we gained that in 2010 under new constitution we cannot allow anyone to take it back,” he said.

He has criticized the manner in which the BBI report process is being handled saying so many clauses need amendment, a move that will ensure every right is protected.

“What we are seeing is a desperate Executive that is keen on interfering with the independence of the Judiciary… The BBI report is good at some extent especially youth matters but it should also not be used to take away what belongs to the people… Ombudsman’s office as currently constituted is right and they have been doing an amazing job,” he added.


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