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American Rapper 2 Chainz in heated legal battle with Pablo Escobar’s family


Fallen drug lord Pablo Escobar’s family and company have sued American rapper Tauheed Epps popularly known as 2 Chainz.

Escobar Inc. the family company of the late Colombian drug lord who died in 1993, is suing the rapper for a minimum sum of $10 million (over 1.6 billion Ksh).

The company claims 2 Chainz’ line of restaurants called Escobar Restaurant and Tapas, illegally uses Escobar’s name and likeness.

According to legal documents, the company says that 2 Chainz used the family name on his restaurants, websites, social media, and restaurant-related clothing.

Escobar’s likeness is also owned by the company – they claim it’s been used by the restaurants, and that one outlet has the fallen drug lord painted inside.

The company also references the menu, which includes “Escobar Crab Cakes.”

Escobar Inc. told the Mirror: “Basically, we are going to shut down 2 Chainz, and get $10 million from him. The law is clear – if they infringe they owe us all GROSS receipts, hence regardless of their net income, they need to pay us their gross revenue since 2016, which far exceeds $10 million, in addition to other damages etc.”