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American Rapper Diddy In Legal Battle With Former Fashion Company


By Steve Osaka

American Hip hop Rapper and Business magnate Sean Combs commonly referred to as Puff Daddy alias Diddy has opened a lawsuit against Sean John, a fashion line he founded in 1998 for the use of his image,likeness and persona without his authority.

 In 2016 Diddy sold his shares to the Global Brand Groups-GBG/USA who assumed full ownership of the cloth line.

The company recently launched a women’s outfit with the rapper’s image and did promotions without his consent, they went ahead and quoted the Star as being the brains behind the new apparel, something Diddy has vehemently denied.

This was a move seen to propel sales and he wants to be paid $25 million in compensation.

“Diddy does not challenge (Sean John/GBG’s) right to use the Sean John trademark but rather (Sean John/GBG’s) decision to leverage a fabricated quote they created and then falsely attributed to Mr. Combs and use Mr. Combs name and other moniker to create the and misleading impression that Mr Combs is the decision maker behind the design and creation of the GBG collection’’ Diddy’s Lawyer statement reads.

This is the second legal battle pitying the Hip Hop Rapper and his former clothes  brand – Sean John in the last one month.