American Artist cum comedian pokes fun at Stevo Simple Boy

American standup comedian cum recording artist Roland Powell popularly known as Lil Duval is currently facing the wrath of Kenyans after making fun of Stevo Simple boy.

In a post on his Instagram account Lil Duval uploaded Simple Boy’s image and likened him to the ‘New moon’ emoji

“If ? was a person” he wrote

Duval’s  post wasn’t received well by Kenyan netizens who called him out for body shaming Simple Boy.

Among those who responded are actors Nick Mutuma and Pascal Tokodi who went on to encourage simple boy.

“Stivo achana na huyu fala, kuna wengi hii dunia, endelea kuzidi mebele bro @stivosimpleboy” wrote Pascal Tokodi

“The dud you are trolling is a Kenyan artist who makes conscious music, he just stays in his lane and does his thing and that’s why we’re mad @lilduval.” Said Nick Mutuma

DJ2one2 said, “There is a fire beach house only for you in hell @stivosimpleboy bro sasa song next iitwe, acha ujinga ft LilDuval.”

“Pumbavu, wtf, how can you even say that, he is ours and we are proud of him in Kenya.” Said comedian Mulamwa

thee_dutchess “It’s not funny because he’s promoting online bullying”

catekaddy “I’m I tha only one who thinks ths is not funny?”

trevorsalexs “Shit ain’t funny at all.simply because he’s white ana bully our guy! Stivo for life”

queen_missvee “Yeee na yeye haoni venye maskio zake zinakaa uteooo?????Abiii mtuachie stevo wetu!!!”

lirou8776 “At least simple boy can take all his women with his ? Lil Duval is the king of toothpicks”

_derrickjuma “Hata huyu msee hajulikani. Kama mimi namuona Leo Mara ya kwanza”

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