Former news anchor accuses her MP husband of physical abuse

Former Ebru Tv news anchor Doreen Gatwiri has accused her Mwingi Central member of parliament husband Gideon Mulyungi of physically abusing her.

The curvaceous lass took to social media to narrate how her husband beat her up so bad numbing her left ear and hurting her knee.

Gatwiri has always managed to keep her love life low and this surprised many who were not aware that the lass was even married to the politician.

She claims to have reported the matter at hardy police station.

“Guys My life is in danger. This evening at about 9.50pm my husband MWINGI CENTRAL MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT GIDEON MULYUNGI assaulted me at our Karen Home over domestic quarrel and I sustained head injuries at the back of my ear resulting to my left ear going numb and serious headache and my right knee. i managed to report the matter at Hardy Police Station. I fear for my life because he always threatened me that I really don’t know who he is. One time he told me to ask around who “Mulyungi is” This assault is not the first or second time.”

Gatwiri claims the member of parliament has even assaulted their house help in their Mwingi home as well as their chef.
“I did it to protect my home and his anger condition but enough is enough. His anger issue is always getting out of hand making me a target. The other day he assulted our house girl in our Mwingi home by slapping her and using his mkwaju stick on her, he also slapped our chef one old Mr. Kangangi who took the matter to the police.” she added
The lady who is currently holed up at a friend’s house says she fears for her life after the MP threatened her.
“I reported at Hardy Police Station and later went to hospital in Parklands in fear of neighboring hospitals that he could be tracking my moves to attack me again or stop me from taking action. Am currently in Kileleshwa to seek refuge at a friend’s place.” Gatwiri wrote.

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