Kenya’s socialite Sharifa Wambui commonly known as Manzi Wa Kibra is currently the talk of the town with her love affair to a sexagenarian.

Manzi Wa Kibra just at 23 years is warming the bed of the old man despite their huge age gap of 42, The man revealed being 65 years old.

In an earlier interview, the well endowed socialite maintained that the old man is a ‘bedroom bully’-knows to hit the right buttons unlike her previous younger lovers.

This is not Manzi Wa Kibera’s first stint at drawing controversy,she was among the cast of comedian Eric Omondi’s reality show that never saw the light of day for being immoral according to former moral cop Ezekiel Mutua.

At one point,the bootilicious woman revealed that her ‘behind’ is all man made.Controversy is like her second name, there’s a time she sought Tanzanian Star Diamond Platinumz for love. It seems her charms backfired as she later married a Nigerian man in a much publicized wedding that also didn’t last.

Manzi Wa Kibera showing off her booty courtesy Facebook

Manzi Wa Kibera states that her new flame sought her hand in a romantic affair after being turned down by first time Mumias Mp Peter Salasya whose been scouting for a wife for a while now.The comical parliamentarian disapproved Manzi Wa Kibera’s skimpy dressing.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed couples with huge age gaps.Celebrity couple Jay Z and Beyonce have an 11 year age gap – not that extreme.French President Macron was only 15 in 1993 when he first met his wife who was by then 40 years and taught him at school.

Gospel artist Guardian Angel also weathered a storm and married his love life Esther though the two have a 20 year age gap.

From the public showy of their lovey – dovey affair, is Manzi Wa Kibera at it yet again or is it true love as age is nothing but a number?Leave a comment.

By Steve Osaka.