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•Biggest Challenge

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•Production Venture

The real houselp of Kawangware actress Aisha Nour popularly known as Truphena has shared that her biggest challenge is having a big name with actually not enough in one’s pocket.

“Kukuwa famous bila pesa is a whole hell of work” she said

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News Team through a phonecall interview,She added that many people translate seing one on the blue screens to having lots of cash.Fans expect not to see you using public transport, and what if it’s what you can afford at the moment,my friend you’ll become the center of attraction with all the stares, nose pulling thrown your way.

“Mafans wanaona maybe niko na gari yangu ama siwezi shindwa kulipa Uber so sifai kupanda matatu…” She  said partly.

It’s now a decade since Aisha began her acting career (2012) in Mombasa County.

It’s her role as Truphena in the comedy tv series ‘The Real Houselps Of Kawangware ‘that thrust her to limelight.Her character is a naive village girl who’s a foodie,a role that she perfectly brings out.

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On how she landed on tv, she termed it as a mixture of luck, passion and dream. She simply impressed during her auditions after heeding a call.

“I received a call from the producer (protel studios) and went for an audition, luckily I landed the role and here I am today… I never struggled to get to tv despite the fact that it is hectic” she continued.

From her own journey, looking back she disclosed of the great growth witnessed in the kenyan film industry.The single mother of two reminisced her earlier day’s while she struggled to gell in her role.

“My memorable moments are when i was still a fresher…🤦 Lines were so hard for me to deliver…I didn’t know the difference between acting and getting into character” She added further.

Production Venture

Acting is dear to Aisha’s heart,she has contemplated bidding farewell to it severally but still finds her way back.Venturing into production as she’s set her sights on will ensure of continuity in a field she truly adores.

“I am planning to get into production fully because I don’t have any choice, I tried to quit the industry but the talent was like .. ‘Dont run Murife!’ hii ni calling for sure! It’s either you do it or do it” She asserted.

 She prides her joy in seeing a complete well executed set.

Aisha Nour (Turuphena)far right with other TRHK cast members image /Facebook

Though she has never set foot in a film or art class,Aisha is determined to soar not just locally but also internationally.She’s willing to take up other acting roles while hopping to land endorsements from major brands around the world.

To interact freely with her via social media,on all platforms Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok find her as @Turu trhk

By Steve Osaka