Bongo singer Juma Jux is facing criticism this is after being spotted flexing with a fake designer wristwatch.

The news was broken by a Tanzanian gossip page which shared a post from an Instagram handle that is  dedicated to analysing and distinguishing between fake and real designer time pieces.

The page shared a photo of a famous Instagram account going by the name “Fake watch busters” writing, “Jux kwenye skendo za kuvaa saa fake! (Jux caught in a scandal for wearing a fake watch)” accompanied with a laughing emoji.

Jux was casually dressed in an ash grey long shirt and sweat pants, a beaded chain, and a black over-the-shoulder bag with an orange strap.

On his wrist was the luxurious, pricey Patek Phillipe watch. 

He seemed to be rocking a Patek Philippe Nautilius 3900/1J yellow gold watch that goes for approximately 36,737 dollars which translates to about 4.5 million Kenyan shillings and 85 million Tanzanian shillings, but according to the famous page Jux is fronting with a fake.

Here are a few of the differences they noted.

First Juma Jux’s watch had the wrong proportion to the case, wrong shape of the bracelet, wrong size and position of the date window, wrong shape of the crown and lastly wrong size of the bezel.

Fake watch busters which boast over 277 thousand followers also post photos of different types of watches and what to look out for when purchasing as well as photos of celebrities who actually own real luxury brand watches.

Netizens could simply not miss the chance to share their opinions. Below are a few comments:

josephmagero_: 😂😂😂 Of course he can’t afford that LMAO

kelvin_kalama_ke: What a shame @huddahthebosschick ona mtu wako😂😂😂

frankie.walnuts.art: Date window smaller than my future

saywat_24: Crazy how artist rocking and showing fakes stuff 😂😂😂😂😂😂

janethsisso: Jamani bongo star gani anavaa saa original kabisa zile brand mumuache kijana wa watu

By Stella Anyango