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Kenya appeared among the top 5 African countries in the latest Global Innovation Index because of the investments made in education by the government

Initially Kenya had dropped three points from the 2021 ranking , Kenya is now 88th globally after investments were made in education

The government’s expenditure on education also made Kenya appear 48th globally in that category

In the most recent recordings of 2022 Kenya was ranked fifth in Africa after Mauritius, South Africa, Morocco and Botswana. Switzerland emerged top globally.

Switzerland tops the world, followed by US, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Kenya can better its performance if pupil-to-teacher ratio in secondary schools is improved, enrollment to tertiary schools, and performance of universities in various rankings is addressed. Kenya’s strengths that need to be sustained are on market investments, intellectual property payments, high technology imports, and labor productivity growth.

The 2022 ranking considered innovation trends considering production within the challenging economic environment.

By Denzel S. Ondijo