Michael Jackson’s Son Reveals Dad’s Bond With Princess Diana

Michael Jackson’s son Prince Jackson, has continued to reveal the tight bond that existed between his father and the late Princess Diana.

Looking all chilled out in his black Harley Davidson super bike, the son of the Thriller hit maker made sure safety came first as he wore biker boots and a protective helmet.

Prince statement comes after appearing on a Morning Show on Britain’s ITV’s ‘Good Morning’ last month where he revealed about his father’s closeness with Princess Diana after meeting in the late eighties.

“Every time my father used to speak about his relationship with her he was filled with so much love, but also at the same time sorrow because he had lost a friend that was so near and dear to his heart” revealed Prince.

Through his lifetime, Michael Jackson who’s regarded as the greatest entertainer of all time met with Princess Diana only once, while at the backstage of Wembly Stadium London in 1988.The pair seemed to have struck a friendship chord from then.

Prince further said that, his dad felt so easy and at peace with Diana than any other person.

“He just felt like, as he explained to me that he felt connected to her in a way that he didn’t really have those connections with other people” Explained Prince.

Michael’s Favorite Child.

Michael Jackson who died in 2009,had Prince as his favorite child having been born in 1997 just months before Princess Diana’s death through a car accident.

Michael named his son Prince after his favorite artist Prince whom he adored. In fact, Michael Jackson’s most popular songs were penned by Prince under the pseudonym of Rod Temperton.

Why Prince Is White Unlike His Black Dad.

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Prince seems to have taken up his mom’s color who’s of white origin though Michael’s genes runs deep through him as he also has patches of Vitiligo just like his father.It’s the Vitiligo condition that also pushes Michael to undergo plastic surgery,Michael disclosed that his father would taunt him for his vitiligo ravaged skin.

Prince’s mother, Debbie Rowe was a dermatologist who treated Michael Jackson’s vitiligo before they fell in love and married in 1996.

Prince is his father’s highest cheerleader, recently he maintained that his father is the King of Pop Music and not Harry Styles though he expressed Harry’s greatness.

By Steve Osaka