OPINION: Saudi Arabia Achilles’ Heel

Over dependency on Saudi is driving us crazy. Philippines are working in 40 countries, including USA, UK, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, just to mention but a few.

Why do Kenyans only believe in working in Saudi? Are we lesser humans compared to Philippines? Who has failed?

I keep hearing that the need more training. No amount of training will bridge the cultural divide in KSA. A Kenyan government official the other day said that the culture in KSA is ancient. How do you deal with it?

The relationship that exists in Saudi is that of a slave and a master.  In other words the Labour environment in Saudi for our house helps, it’s similar to a semi-bondage situation- servitudes. We have put too much pressure on Saudi. It’s uptake for our people has reached a maximum.

To correct this situation; as a country we need to sign at least 20 new BLAs. Most importantly; lets copy paste the Philippines’ Labour migration model. We don’t need to re-invent the wheel, while one exists.

The newly created ministry of Diaspora affairs to be formed by the Chief hustler (WSR) Is timely and a serious blessing. Thank you my president: Lets now Negotiate for better pay, set up an electronic clearance mechanism, open up consulate offices in all major cities in KSA, blacklist all errant/perpetual molesters to our people.

Installation of Serious/stiff fines to employers that ‘hold’ passports to our immigrants. Upgrade maids to caregivers. I beg you; let’s not send maids to the gulf countries in the ‘raw’ form.

Let’s Train them for three months and send them as caregivers, across the Gulf greater region, Europe and the America. Let’s domesticate this training at Tvet level. Since they are close to the population and very affordable. We urgently need parliament to pass, Labour migration Bill. This will allocate responsibilities to all industry players. This is the starting point.

Opinion piece by David Njoroge, Chairman Diaspora Welfare Association