Otile Brown Responds To ‘Mistreatment’ Of Nigerian Singer

Kenyan R&B singer and songwriter Jacob Obunga popularly known as Otile Brown has responded to the alleged mistreatment of Nigerian singer Fave during her recent visit to Kenya.

Otile Brown mentions that there is a need for event promoters in the country to look at business on a long term basis insisting that good communication is important for a business to run successfully.

The ‘Woman’ hitmaker mentions that he does not know what exactly happened while calling out the promoters to better their services.

“I don’t know what “really” transpired but ata kama kulikuwa na tatizo lolote…we can do better. Let us learn to communicate…Tusiwaze leo tu, biashara yoyote inaendeshwa na huduma bora with love,” he states.

This follows complaints from the Nigerian singer Fave in a series of posts decrying abandonment and lack of pay from the Thrift Social promoters behind her concert at the Hidden Gardens, Karen over the weekend.

The singer lamented of harsh treatment from the promoters days after claiming that her bag also got lost at the venue of the event.

 “How do you invite us to your country and abandon us, refuse to pay and cancel our tickets. What a teaching experience. Wherever you hear ‘thriftsocialnairobi’, my advice would be to run because they’re a bunch of thieves. A lady on dada and a couple of other guys. Find God,” she wrote.

By Stella Anyango