Papa Shirandula actress Aduda Cele confirms divorce rumors

Papa Shirandula actress Aduda Cele who plays lead actress Wilbroda’s sister has confirmed that indeed she has been separated from her husband and father of her kids for the past 12 years.

Kenyans online are known to snoop into celebrities’ personal life and recently many had started poking holes into the curvaceous Aduda’s life.

The actress finally decided to lay it bare in a post on social media where she confirmed that it has indeed taken her a decade to get a legal divorce from the father of her kids.

‘Been five years knowing who i am and who i want to be and who i need as a friend and a lover around me.12 years of separation and now awaiting divorce (oh yeah).I have learnt to laugh more, be open and accept myself first. ”Aduda wrote in part.
She went on to express how happy she was that she had finally managed to secure a divorce and go free from her husband without quite revealing what the issue between them was.

”I have looked at my past, present and what future can be and i have realised no matter how many times you fall.pick yourself up..dust it all up …accept the fall …and get on your guard again.laugh at yourself louder Then when the time comes find someone you can share with and laugh it all out without anyone judging you but learning from the past.That person will know who and what you stand for ..not hide you for your flaws but show you to the world and be proud of you!Real Gold is not afraid of fire!I Am not my past ….my past dont define me…Am on a mission to find the right man…with morals and values.”she added.

Aduda who is also the director of Papa Shirandula has three children with her estranged husband.


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