King Charles has recently become hard on Prince Andrew because of what Andrew has been accused of in the past . The King has chosen to deal with things the hard way and he is not going to be welcoming him fully back into the family

This is all because of the controversy that surrounds Prince Andrew

It has also been reported he is no longer a working royal . The royal offices have also confirmed that he is no longer allowed to hold an office inside the building or even use the Palace as his official address. He was stripped off his titles and military affiliations after Virginia Giuffre’s sexual assault lawsuit was brought against him

The Prince denied all the accusations that were brought against him. Not only did he lose his royal police protection but he also lost the role he enjoyed the most , Colonel of The Grenadier Guards which has then been given to Queen Consort Camilla who is the wife of The King

In recent times The Prince has been living a very secret and sheltered life . The first time he was seen in public was at Queen Elizabeth the Second’s funeral and that was after a very long time.

By Denzel S. Ondijo