Controversial US-based content creator Andrew Kibe has been left in shock after he was targeted by online scammers.

Through his Twitter page, he revealed he had fallen prey to a con artist who had posed as a customer service agent of the telecommunications company, Safaricom.

Without disclosing the amount he had lost to the cons, Kibe said he suspected the scam was an inside job.

“Sema kuoshwa nikaosheka, how the scammers got my number and I had just inboxed (the company) is a mystery to me. Hapa na suspect inside job. Someone at this company is selling client information or your twitter account is fake,” he wrote.

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Kibe is not the first person to fall victim to scammers, there have been increased cases of Kenyans online being hit by scammers who pose as customer care agents for companies.

The scammers target Kenyans who raise queries with service providers and other companies, the cons then impersonate a company’s account and use the information to milk money from unsuspecting customers.

By Stella Anyango

January 27, 2023

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