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  • Digital content creator Andrew Kibe launches a new platform for his African followers.
  • Kibe explains that his wrangles with YouTube pushed him to this decision.
  • The launch of the platform dubbed Yafreeka comes about two months after Kibe had his YouTube account terminated.

Digital creator Andrew Kibe has explained how his troubles with YouTube led to his decision to create an alternative platform for Africans.

Kibe who was in Dubai over the weekend spoke about his new platform dubbed Yafreeka mentioning  that African content creators need to make more money. “It’s all about monetization, usidanganywe na mtu, we are going to go round to all SMEs because for me my focus is SMEs. The monetization is complete, all you will need are 20 videos and 100 subscribers.” He expressed during the launch at a yacht party.

He added, “In Kenya, we are going to be sending you your money every two weeks on mpesa. Sio youtube lazima ukuwe na euro account, but for us, everything can happen wherever you are” He has 10 developer employees “We have to develop our product even with our mistakes. Hata siogopi, but the fact that we are doing it for ourselves, gives me the confidence, that’s why I am going back to Kenya.”

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The social commentator compared his idea to that done by Microsoft “So what I did was I was looking to raise money to build Yafreeka. So I was like if I was to sell the tickets to the event, as a buy-in, you get a piece of Yafreeka, a small piece that if you wait even a year it will be worth, who knows…”

According to him, this new venture feels like freedom to him and he added that his cancellation from YouTube was somehow a blessing in disguise.

 “For me it’s freedom, and I’m very excited about it.” He revealed he has been earning $10k from YouTube monthly. “I was making over 10k dollars a month. If YouTube hadn’t cancelled me there would be no Yafreeka. When YouTube canceled me it became a reality (yafreeka) so right now at 47 I am beginning to understand how life redirects you. Life sends you in a direction so all you have to do is just enjoy the process.”

For Kibe, Yafreeka is a source of cashing in more money as compared to YouTube where he was making over ten thousand dollars (Ksh.1 Million) per month.

“If for example, I was making five shillings with a million people every day, so five million Kenya shilling multiplied by 30 days compared to YouTube chums. .”

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