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  • Boutross has revealed that he earned more than two cars from the success of his runaway hit ‘Angela’.
  • He was conned in his first sold out show in the UK.
  • His leaked nudes were due to his younger self experimenting life.

Angela hit maker Boutross Munene has revealed that he earned more than two cars from the song’s success and he’s still making a killing out of the song.

Boutross made the statement a fortnight ago after his performance at the Captain Morgan led concert.

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The artist had just landed from the neighboring Uganda where he had also brought the house down.

According to Boutross, Angela had given him more than he had expected, travelled to places he had never expected and opened more doors.

“Imenipatia more than mazao eeh nimeshiba nafeel fiti sana imenipatia opportunities za  kufika places sikuwa naeza fika interacting with people I’ve never thought ntainteract nao…tuseme ni enough ya kununua gari mbili” he asserted partly.

On his much anticipated album, Boutross noted that he was taking his time so as to give fans a worthy project more than his previous piece of work.

In addition, he maintained that the it will have features that will shake the musical scene like never seen before.

“Nimekuwa nikitake time na hii ya mwisho because its gonna be my first album ever so nilikuwa nataka kuipatia consideration flani, features zenye ziko hapo ndani zitatetemesha hii Nairobi so am glad nimetake hiyo time…this one has to be bigger than the one before” he explained.

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Conned In The UK Show

It’s always a dream come true for an artist to perform abroad.

However, Boutross disclosed that he was conned in his first outing in the UK.

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Nonetheless, Boutross is grateful that he got the opportunity with other doors opening up.

The artist whose nudes lit the internet a while back blamed his younger self for the unfortunate incident.

Moving forward, he affirmed being keen on his discipline so as to safeguard his brand.


November 13, 2023

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