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Anglican Church Bishops Call For Urgent Address Of Corruption Vice


A group of Anglican Church of Kenya Bishops has urged the National Government to deal with corruption that is currently ailing the country.

The Bishops led by Mumias Diocese Bishop Joseph Wandera, the bishops stated that the high corruption rate in the country threaten to cripple the economy.

Wandera cited the reckless borrowing being done by the government in the name of Covid-19 as an accelerator of the corruption.

“The Kenyan economy is at crisis accelerated by Covid-19 and reckless borrowing. There is rise in price of commodities and a massive slide in the value of Kenyan shillings all these because of corruption and the mismanagement of funds,” said Wandera.

The Anglican bishops want the government to also solve the standoff between it and office of anti-corruption agency.


“We want all presidential aspirants to tell us what they do in matters of corruption as a matter of urgency. If the government is having difficulty in solving the issue, then we as the church are willing to provide experts of good will to gather and give idea on how to deal with corruption.”

Meanwhile the bishops on those vying for the presidential seat come 2022 to give a clear plan on what  they will do in matters corruption.

“Kenyans are separated by these politicians, the Anti-corruption agency is not doing much on matters of corruption.”

The Bishops drawn from the Western region commemorated the anti corruption day in Kisumu County.

Those in attendance were bishops from Maseno, Bondo,  Mumias, Bungoma , Katakwa Nambare and Butere.