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Angry boda boda operators fight police in Kisumu

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By Jacob Oluoch

A section of angry boda boda operators in Kondele, Kisumu County today fought police officers who allegedly conducting a crackdown against residents who were not wearing masks.

The group known as Darfur repulsed the police officers who had already arrested one motorbike rider for not wearing a mask.

They claimed that police officers are using the mask crackdown as a way if soliciting for bribes from the riders.

Police were forced to lobe teargas to disperse the rioting crowd.

” We are demanding release of the motorbike rider. This crackdown has turned into a business as once you are arrested you are charged amount worth sh. 1000 and above,” said one rider.

They also claimed that the officers were also using the crackdown to hold their motorbikes.

The riders would then need to part with Ksh. 3,000 to get the bikes back.

“You have arrested that guy for not putting on a mask.. Why take his motorbike along with him? This is taking advantage of us,” said another rider.

No injuries were encountered in the process.


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