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Angry Kenyans Want Churches Closed As Well


A section of Kenyans has reacted angrily over the move by the Nairobi County Liquor Licensing Board to close down 43 bars over noise pollution.

According to the Kenyans the authorities should equally close churches in residential areas that are also causing noise pollution.

“They want to close bars located near residential places but forget that churches make noise in the same areas. Noise is noise buana,” tweeted @_fels1.

“Why should a church with only 30 sheep in a 20m by 10m house erect 10 loudspeakers? It is even more tragic when you go to informal settlements where there are 30 such churches within a 200 meters radius, all yelling at the same god on his day off. Noise is noise buana,” he continued.

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 “NEMA should maintain the same energy when it comes to churches,” @BrianMutinda stated.

The discussion has seen Churches trending on Twitter for the better part of the day.

Yesterday the liquor board commenced the revocation process of 43 bars over noise pollution.

Some of the bars earmarked for closure are Loft, Quiver, Numero 5, Vineyard among others.


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