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Angry Nairobians vandalize vehicle of conmen in CBD

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Angry Nairobi residents today morning vandalized a Noah vehicle that was allegedly being used by con men in Nairobi’s CBD.

The Noah vehicle which was parked next to Archives was allegedly being used by people posing as promoters of corporate brands merchandize only to steal from Kenyans.

“They lure you with a free T-Shirt and once you get to the vehicle they start introducing you to other products further asking you to give money so that you can win a bigger merchandize. Once you pay, you are told that your bet has failed and you cannot redeem your money,” said one victim.

The vehicle had its side mirrors broken and windows vandalized.

Police had to move in quickly to protect the vehicle form further damage.

Kenyans have raised alarms over the fake promoters in the CBD stealing from Kenyans to no avail.

The DCI at some point even warned Kenyans against the fraudsters causing an uproar as to why they were not acting against them.


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