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Angry Neighbours Frogmarch Woman To Police Station For Neglecting Child


huruma womanThere was drama in Huruma slums today when a woman was marched to the Huruma Police Station For allegedly neglecting her 15 month old baby.

The neighbours accuse the woman sleeping with many men at the expense of the baby’s health who is also not fed well or even clothed well.

“This child is only one and a half years old but you would find him sleeping in the cold outside while the woman is busy sleeping with different men inside her house. And the money she gets from sleeping with all these men always go to the bar to drink alcohol,” said one neighbour.

The neighbours claim that the woman attempted to kill the child today by throwing him on the road.

“This lady had an argument with a man, she then threw the baby unto the man who caught the baby and protected him from the harmful mother,” narrated the neighbour.

It is after the woman got the baby back that she went to the road and attempted to throw the baby before the neighbours stopped her.

The seemingly drunk woman however denied the allegations saying she loves her baby very much.

The neghbours now want the police to write a letter authorizing a children’s home in the area to take the baby and lock up the woman.