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Anne Kansiime blasts Kenyans sending her dirty videos

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With the East Africa got talent auditions set to go down this weekend, comedian Anne Kansiime has revealed what lengths Kenyans have been going through to get a spot.
According to the comedian, some people have been using the number provided to send nudes and dirty videos hoping to get instant fame.
Kansiime also revealed that others have been sending M-pesa to the line hoping to get an instant pass.

“Please put on some clothes and stop sending us pictures and videos of your body parts.This is not my M-PESA number so do not send me money.” She said
Speaking to a local media house, Kansiime also adviced those looking for her to “connect” them to stop adding that she is just a host and cannot help them.
“All we want to see is your talent.Don’t look for me because I am just a host and nothing you will do for me will make you win.”She added
The comedian urged all those who want to succeed the audions to think putside the box.
“We are looking for a variety ofACTS. Just think outside the box and do something the bext person cannot do.” She said


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