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Another Boda Boda Operator Attacked In The CBD


Another boda boda operator was yesterday assaulted and injured by city council officers in the Nairobi CBD.

The operator whose assault was captured on camera is pictured lying helpless and his motorbike taken by the city council askaris.

The incident comes just a week after two other operators were assaulted and injured by police reportedly attached to the central police station.

Boda Boda Association of Kenya Chairman Kevin Mubadi has condemned the attacks and the arrests of the operators terming them as illegal.

Upto 700 motorbike had been confiscated by the police last week for operating within the CBD.

‘‘The county government promised us parking areas in the town two years ago and upto now they have done nothing. Lack of parking is the main cause as to why the riders are riding up and down the CBD and being arrested’’ said Mubadi.

According to Mubadi only 200 have been released so far by the court.

Mubadi also asked the court to speed up the releasing exercise for the riders to resume their normal duties. He also advised the riders to keep off CBD until the county government allows them to operate from there