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  • The songbird is shaking off the pressure to have another child.
  • The mother of one reveals closing the ‘motherhood chapter ‘
  • She’s aging like fine wine while healing nerves with her Nyatiti compositions

Veteran Kenyan singer and entrepreneur Suzanna Owiyo has disclosed facing pressure on having another child.

Taking to her Instagram,the mother of one,a daughter stated that her only child had led quarters pushing weirdly for her to conceive once again.

“Some questions you guys ask me in these streets sometimes! Kwani ukona na mtoto mmoja tu! Hutaki kuongeza” she wrote.

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She went further noting that she was content with one child and had also long bid farewell to motherhood.

Her followers also thronged the commentary section in solidarity.We sampled a few below.

“They should mind their own business” shot one fan

“Same to me, and it irritates me so much who said one or none is a crime 😏😏” fired a second fan

“Nikama watalipa school feesπŸ˜₯” flew another comment.

Aging Gracefully

At 47, Suzanna Owiyo ages like fine wine,her dark skin glows and her body is in perfect shape something she attributes to her strict diet.Looking at her, one can easily bequeath her a ‘younger birth date’

She’s the epitome of hard-work, determination and resilience.Her evolution from a back up singer,dancer to a world class entertainer is a true testament of trusting the process.

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She’s best remembered for her song, Kisumu 100 which was the official theme song when the lakeside city attained 100 years in the year 2001.

In 2004, Suzanna Owiyo used her voice to crown renowned environmentalist Wangari Maathai when she
was awarded The Nobel Peace Price, becoming the first African woman to attain such a feat.

From strumming the guitar,Owiyo has also followed in her grandfather’s footsteps by picking the Nyatiti also known as Kamba Nane(8 stringed) which she plucks with great mastery and delight.

In one of her recent collaboration with Magaa on the song, Grab A Girl,she proves catching up with the newbies through her choice of words while fusing in the Nyatiti.

Ambia mama yako,ambia baba yako,tunakuja ki mangoto tunakuja ki bazenga

Suzanna Owiyo sings partly

Is it right to crucify Suzanna Owiyo for having one child? Leave a comment.

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