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Another doctors’ strike looming in Nairobi County


Another strike is looming in Nairobi County as doctors say they will not resume to work after the NMS breached the return to work formula they signed one month ago.

KMPDU Nirobi branch secretary Thuranira Kaugiria says that NMS is also yet to pay doctors’ September salaries despite promising to pay salaries on the 5th of every month.

“It is unfortunate that today the 15th of October, doctors are yet to receive their September pay,” says Kaugiria.

Kaugiria also accuses NMS of doing heavy deductions on doctors’ salaries despite their intitial agreement.

“We have doctors who are even missing upto 15,000 in their salaries some are missing upto 50,000 in their salaries, so money is being deducted apharzadly,” says Kaugiria.

Kaugiria says despite writing to Badi on the breache of the return to work formula, they have received no response.

“Our employer has not been remitting bank loans, union, dues, NHIF and some of our doctors have been listed on CRB,” says Kaugiria.

Kaugiria says that on the other hand Nairobi County fulfilled its promises unlike NMS.