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Another Young Blood Lost In The Hands Of Rogue Police

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The family of Salim Musa a suspected thug who was murdered on Friday night is seeking justice for their late son who was alleged of crime.

Twenty five year old Musa from Ziwani area in Nairobi met his death at Riverside in Kariokor while in the company of four other friends.

Police claim Musa was killed after they attempted to rob a motorist who is a businessman in Nyamakima.

Musa’s mother, Khadija Abdalla however says that her son was murdered following a grudge he has been having with a rogue police officers operating within Ziwani and Majengo slums areas.

Khadija says that the AP Officer known to many residents in the area has been threatening her son for quite some time and had recently told her to prepare wrappings for her son’s burial.

“He used to work in the car wash, cleaning  vehicles including the AP’s car. He was amongst the customers unfortunately he was not paying for the services. This is where the grudge begun,” said Khadija.

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“A few days ago he threatened me to prepare wrappings for my son’s burial,” says Khadija.

Khadija says that she had even reported the grudge between his son and the AP to the OCS of Kamkunji, the area MP and even the Muslim court but did not get any help.

Teresia Njeri a resident in the area has said the rogue AP has made the lives of the youths difficult further asking the government to intervene.

The late Musa has left behind a wife and two kids aged three and two years old.

“That officer has intimidated our youths, there is a day he arrested my son during census and I was forced to pay Ksh.3000, we are requesting the government to do something,because he only arrest the innocent living the victims to go scot free,” said Njeri.

Musa’s death comes just a few weeks after another young man was killed by a police officer in Majengo slums in broad daylight.

The officer has since been arrested and is currently facing trial.