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Anthony Joshua has received nothing but love from the British sporting media and public since he beat Wladimir Klitschko at Wembley to win his titles two years ago.

But he’s likely to find out the hard way that life is going to change after “Fat Slob” Andy Ruiz jr sent him crashing down off his pedestal last Saturday.

As a loser there will no longer be the same demand for him to pose for selfies and the sycophants will evaporate as swiftly as snow in the Sahara.

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Speaking to Ghetto radio sports ahead of Saturday fight against Tanzania Hussein Itaba pro Rayton Okwiri says that Anthony Joshua loss over Andy was because Anthony is used to quick knockouts and his stamina goes down whever the rounds go on

“So when the Mexican got the opportunity in his weakest points he got the better of Anthony taking the win on the seventh round.” He adds

A shot on the ABU middleweight title will be the sixth fight pro Okwiri has battled since he became pro in 2014 and fans are anticipating for a fight like no other.

Rayton Okwiri says that he has been preparing for the battle and that his body is fit for the fight and Itaba does not stand a chance.

“I am confident with the match on saturday and that Itaba is no match for me because most of the boxers he has lost to are nobodies which equals the ones he has won.” Okwiri adds.