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Anti ICPD Protesters March To KICC With Dumpsters Smeared With Blood


A group of anti abortion activists today marched at the KICC to protest what they claimed as anti abortion agenda being propagated by the delegates attending the International Conference On Population Development ICPD.

The protesters led by CitozenGo’s Anne Kioko carried dolls that looked like infants smeared with red paint and dumpsters in a bid to demonstrate their protest against abortion.

“Deploying two two trash dumpsters symbolizing the ones abortion centers use for depositing body parts as KICC is our way of denouncing the conference,” said Kioko.

CitizenGo claims that the summit seeks to champion for abortion, same sex marriage, prostitution and sexuality of children among other vices.

The protesters were however dispersed by security officers manning KICC before they could deposit the dumpsters with the dolls.

President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday opened the conference which is being attended by other world leaders.