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Anti-Tobacco Activists Want Taxes On Tobacco Increased


The National Taxpayers Association now wants the government to consider increasing taxes on tobacco products.

Irene Atieno of National Taxpayers Association says that the increased taxes will go a long way in mitigating tobacco effects.

According to Atieno, a lot goes into managing tobacco effects among them treating tobacco ailments and managing environment degradation.

“Tobacco costs go beyond buying, it goes to the mitigation efforts put on its effects on the environment and also a lot is pent of healing and treating ailments related to tobacco consumption,” said Atieno.

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NTA partnered with Antonio international to sensitize school going children on the effects of tobacco.

Antonio of Sir Antonio international says that it is important to sensitize learners at an early stage in order for them to understand the cost of tobacco.

“We are here because we believe that engaging these young people and unpacking the reality on the risks of these tobacco will help us save them and make them have better choices,” said Antonio.


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