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Anto Neosoul to sue Posh westlands club over Ksh. 50,000 marketing fee

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By Annette Amondi

Singer Anto Neosoul is threatening to sue a club in westlands Nairobi for failing to pay him after advertising them.

The incident comes just about two months after Kenyans in different art field exposed managers and promoters for failed payments.

The cases brought light on incidences which musicians, deejays, dancers and other entertainers were not paid for services rendered.

Kenyan musician Anto Neosoul is the latest victim to almost lose money after an entertainment joint refused to pay him for services.

The singer called out the Westlands based club on social media threatening to move to court to sue the management over unpaid dues.

According to a Facebook post by the singer on Thursday, July 18, Afro Night Club contracted the musician to promote it on social media for a specified period of time in his capacity as an online influencer.

The agreement was that Anto would publicise the business through his social media accounts and receive a sum of KSh 50,000 at the end of it.

The club went against the agreement and failed to pay the singer, a move that forced him to take to social media to expose and shame its management.

Anto shared a copy of a demand letter asking the club to pay for the online marketing.

“We hereby give you seven days to pay our client all monies due to him being KSh 50,000 and our legal fees of KSh 12,000 making a total of KSh 62,000, failure to which we have strict mandatory instructions from our client to institute legal proceedings against you in a court of law,’’read part of the letter

Following his rant, the club has allegedly settled part of the money owed to the singer.


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