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  • Ssaru has termed the new wave ‘Arbantone’ a passing wind that will soon be forgotten.
  • According to Ssaru, the artists are overusing ideas that were put in place by established artists.
  • She has affirmed her continued dominance in the industry with an album ready for the market.

Gengetone rapper Ssaru Wa Manyaru has given her two cents concerning the new wave ‘Arbantone’ terming it a ‘passing wind’ that will soon be forgotten.

According to Ssaru, sampling songs or beats is not a bad idea.

However, Arbantone artists are overusing ideas that were put in place by established artists which is suicidal.

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The Kaskie Vibaya rapper noted that every time an Arbantone tune is played it brings memories of the original song.

To right the wrongs, Ssaru asserted that it’s time they pulled up their socks through creativity.

“It’s a good thing but I think wana overuse ideas za watu wengine you know! ni sawa ku sample but sasa there’s no way it’s urban because wana sample vitu zenye zishafanywa urban ni kitu yenye ndio imekuja saa hii unajua wakuje na mtindo wao wenyewe wasi sample sana… eventually hizo sio ngoma zenye zinalast kwa industry ni ngoma zenye zinapita na upepo” she asserted partly.

Ssaru further noted that even gengetone artists were castigated at the onset of its emergence and they had to change a few things which led to its growth.

She further appealed to Arbatone artists not to get furious with the criticism but to take them positively.

One of the most recognized figures behind the Arbatone wave is celebrated music producer, Motif Di Don.

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Continued Dominance

Ssaru was grateful for having had a great run with the year coming to an end.

The sassy rapper further affirmed her continued dominance into the new year.

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She has countless of songs ready with her head paining on which song to release first.

Her album is also ready which will hit the market in the course of next year.


November 28, 2023

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