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arnelisa ends yet another relationship


Keroche Breweries heiress Arnelisa Muigai has ended her relationship with her best friend hairstylist Phonia.

This is after the hairstylist posted a video with Omar Lali whom according to Arnalisa’s family killed her sister Tecra Muigai.

Taking to her Instagram feeds, the businesswoman posted a caption indicating that the relationship between her and Phonia is over.

“And that is it for our relationship…..,” wrote Arnelisa.

Phonia recorded and posted a video of herself and Lamu boat operator Omar Lali having a good time over the weekend.

Omar Lali was accused of killing Tecra Muigai Arnelisa’s sister who died on 2nd May 2020 after sliding from a staircase in Lamu.

The family accused Omar for the death of their daughter and even took Omar to court after conducting and autopsy on the body.

Arnelisa Muigai was married to Tanzanian musician Ben pol last year in May in a private weeding attended by family and few friends.

However the two started having issues months after their wedding and the have even gone separate ways.

Although the two have separated, the Tanzanian musician said that the two are still married according to Tanzanian law until the divorce is finalized.

The musician also revealed that Arnelisa had sent a letter to him asking him not to talk about their relationship in public.

However in a recent interview he revealed that the two separated because Arnelisa had insecurity issues.

“I did my best, when I got into the marriage situation, I was serious, I wasn’t joking or passing time, I had invested in it. The reason why I did a lot of work to make it work and even if we are to do it again, I will not change anything. I will still do what I did to save the situation,” he said.

Arnelisa and socialite Amber Ray even held a party for single people where they could go and mingle with each other.

By: Emmaline Owuor